Transform your skin with skin needling

Skin needling is one of the best treatments you can do to improve your skin, with little down time but maximum benefits.  This is by far one of my favorite treatments to do. But I know what you are thinking… Skin needling?! Needles?! The name definitely scares a few people off. Especially if the thought of needles near your face gets you running for the hills. I assure you the name is much worse than the real thing. Skin needling actually goes by so many different names. You may of heard of dermapen, fractional mesotherapy, mesotherapy, skin needling, micro needling, dermal rolling, CIT or collagen induction therapy, vampire facials (often confused with PRP, which is not the same). The techniques and uses of skin needling are also varied and broad depending on your goal. It can be effective for so many different skin concerns and conditions. The terminology and techniques are endless. But what on earth is skin needling?

Well, skin needling involves a group of tiny needles that penetrate the skin in a controlled manner. It is a skin perfecting treatment that creates micro channels to the deeper layers of the skin. This controlled trauma tricks the skin to accelerate a wound healing response which induces the production of new collagen and elastin into the skin as well as disposing of old damaged cells. One treatment can produce up to 300% more collagen cells. This is why it is so effective for treating such a variety of skin conditions. Essentially, skin needling is rebuilding and remodelling our skin from the inside out. This is why it was first referred to as collagen induction. Because it is inducing your skin to produce more collagen, you can never have too much of a good thing. There is no significant down time with skin needling either, meaning you can return to work the next day. Your skin may appear slightly pink for a few days and sometimes you can experience minor flaking for a few days.

So why might someone want to do a skin needling treatment? Not only is this great for anti-ageing, treating fine lines, wrinkles and preventing ageing by boosting your natural collagen supply. But it also treats a variety of skin concerns such as; making open pores appear tighter and smaller, treating scarring and improving skin texture post acne, improving uneven skin tone, improving the penetration of skincare, reducing the appearance of stretch marks or surgical scars, aiding in the reduction and improvement of pigmentation (especially sun damage and hormone induced spots) and treating discoloration of skin after breakouts. Sign me up!


Not all of our skin concerns are created equal and there are concerns listed above that are better treated by professionals because due to their complex nature. In order to save you time and confusion I thought I’d break up the skin concerns into home and professional specific categories. Personally I prefer in clinic treatments because you will get amazing results in a timely manner and the depths that professionals use are much more effective. But  I have still seen incredible results with home rollers too, you just have to be a lot more consistent and realistic about your desired outcome. Home rollers start at 0.1-0.4mm needle depth. This means that they are safe to use multiple times 2+ a week and can really elevate your skincare game without causing harm. Home rollers are more affordable, usually hurt less because the needles are a lot smaller and you can get increased benefit out of your home care as well.

Clinical professionals usually work from 0.5-2mm depth, (you may need to see a dermal therapist, nurse or doctor depending on the issue and depth required). Deeper in-clinic/ in-office treatments are more costly, but you will only be coming for a treatment every 4-8 weeks depending on the goal. You can have your desired outcome in as little as 4-6 sessions and ongoing treatments will only elevate the result. I know we all love doing things at home, but with complex concerns its always better to leave it to the professionals to avoid disaster. It will save you time, money and more importantly keep you safe!

Skin concerns that you can treat at home:

Ageing, fine lines, ageing prevention

Open pores, skin texture and general improvement

Uneven skin tone and brightening

Improving the penetration of skincare

Treating discoloration of skin after a breakout


All of the above listed but especially…

Deep wrinkles, moderate to highly aged, sun damaged skin

Reduction and improvement of pigmentation

Treating scarring and improving skin texture post acne

Reducing the appearance of stretch marks or surgical scars

Now I’m not saying to attempt treating at home if you fall into the listed category above, by all means if you can invest into your skin I would recommend having treatments at a skin clinic. However I would strongly advise any skin challenge you have that falls into the professional category to consider professional treatments only. These skin concerns generally need more guidance and strict home care to reach your desired result within a reasonable time frame of 5 months to 1 year.

I really hope you got something out of this short guide to skin needling. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the contact page, email or an instagram dm.

Lots of love,


Celia xoxo

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